Open Workshops for 2019-2020

This summer, we hosted 3 workshops at mHUB that were open to the public! We made lots of new friends (and saw some returning SparkShop students). They were a huge success. All three sold out!

Going forward, we'll continue to offer one open workshop every other month, and the workshops will feature activities from our in-school curriculum. Some workshops will be on days where students are off of school, and some will continue to be on Saturdays!

Upcoming dates include:

  • Monday 10/14/2019 (Columbus Day)

  • Saturday 12/07/2019

  • Monday 02/17/2020 (President’s Day)

  • Friday 04/17/2020 (CPS School Improvement Day)

We’ll share information about each specific workshop as the dates approach. Keep an eye on our “Events” page and on the “Upcoming Events” section of our newsletter!