July Inventor Spotlight: Lily Born

Lily Born is our featured July inventor! She was inspired at the age of 8 when she noticed that her grandfather, who has Parkinson’s disease, would frequently knock over his cup leaving a mess for her grandmother to clean up. In hopes of improving both of her grandparents' lives, she invented a new solution: the Kangaroo Cup, a three-legged mug that can't tip over. Lily prototyped her ideas for years. She began by using hand-moldable plastic and then later transitioned into using clay at a pottery studio. By the age of 12, Lily had developed a Kangaroo cup that is ready for mass production. She has already pre-sold $100,000 worth of cups using crowdfunding sites! 


Lily was not satisfied with just helping her grandparents. She continues her good works by donating a portion of her profits to support STEM education for young girls. She also donates Kangaroo cups to non-for-profit organizations that provide support to adults and children who struggle with mobility. 

Lily, her incredible invention, and her charitable works have been featured on a variety of different platforms including: CNN Heroes, NPR’s Weekend Edition, WGN’s Morning News, and CBS News. She has also been profiled by Fast Company, Business Insider, The Daily Mail (UK) and The Telegraph (UK), The Chicago Tribune and Crain’s Chicago Business. In addition, A Mighty Girl and Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls have both recognized Lily for serving as an inspiration for young girls by encouraging them to follow their dreams.

Written By Ella Chudik