Girls Who Code Panel

On the July 12th, we joined 3 other female founders for a panel discussion for the Girls Who Code summer program at Accenture. We love this organization and were thrilled to meet these inspiring ladies!

Girls Who Code is closing the gender gap in technology and changing the image of what a programmer looks like and does. The teenage girls who participate in their summer program learn programming skills through real-life, self-directed projects that solve problems in their own lives. They also get to spend their summer at Chicago’s hottest tech companies!

The panel, led by Brenna Berman, the CEO of CityTech and a leader in Chicago’s IoT industry, brought together women from manufacturing and technical backgrounds to share stories about their passions, inspirations, and mentors. We joined Chandra Brown, the CEO of MxD, and Nahel Gadnhi, the CEO of Ideology, to talk with the girls about our shared love for manufacturing and technology.

We felt inspired and humbled by the stories that Brenna, Chandra, and Nahel shared, and loved spending time talking with the students who have gone out of their way to spend their summers developing their technical skills!