Our Courses

SparkShop courses are designed to build awareness and enthusiasm around engineering and manufacturing. Each course includes visits from our staff & truck as well as supplementary curriculum for teachers.

Applied Engineering

Discover how engineers shape our world! Students practice the skills used to tackle complex technical challenges through dynamic activities in biomedical, electrical, mechanical, civil, chemical, and environmental engineering.

Innovation & EntrePreneurship

Practice the product development process! Students build skills in group brainstorming & problem solving and develop new communication techniques through sketching and prototyping.

Materials & Manufacturing

Explore how things are made! Students examine how manufacturing turns raw materials into everyday products. Students explore the evolution of manufacturing over time, from ancient methods of metalwork to digital rapid prototyping technology.

What Schools Get

  • Two 90-minute workshops taught in the classroom by the SparkShop team of industry engineers-turned-educators

  • Access to over $50,000 worth of machinery

  • Supplementary lesson plans and materials for teacher-led post-lessons in science, social studies, art, and language arts (at least 3 total instructional hours)

  • SparkShop wrap-up Visit (45 minutes)

  • Take-home materials for students to share what they learned with their families

  • Personalized lists (for both students and teachers) of low-cost resources for further STEM education