About Us

SparkShop is a project of the Science & Entrepreneurship Exchange (SEE). Our mission is to inspire and mobilize the next generation of engineers, innovators, entrepreneurs & manufacturing geniuses.

SparkShop empowers students to apply their skills to engineering challenges and see their value in the STEM fields. We focus on inspiring 4th and 5th graders with a mix of visits from our staff of engineers and interdisciplinary, connected curriculum for their teachers.

We believe the US needs a larger and more diverse pool of technical talent and we're ready to help!


Shonali Ditz & Tiernan murrell, Co-executive Directors & Co-founders

Tiernan & Shonali are Sparkshop’s co-founders and directors. They both graduated from Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering and went on to develop laser machinery and racecars. After working in industry, they were inspired to make engineering an approachable and attainable future for more students.


Joe is a recent graduate of Northwestern's McCormick School of Engineering, and is continuing there to pursue a master's degree in Engineering Design Innovation. He is passionate about emotional intelligence in design and education.


Ted Ganchiff - CEO, Science & Entrepreneurship Exchange

Geoff Trukenbrod - Principal, Hermitage Partners, LLC

Tim Dohrer - Director of the M.S. Ed. Program, Northwestern University

Andrea Shrestha - Co-Founder, LuminAID

Michael Beltran - Mechanical Engineering Lecturer, Northwestern University

Ankur Gupta - Partner, McDermott Will & Emery

Kyeng McGuirk - Attorney & Detroit-area Humanitarian

Alan Cook - Founder & CEO, Brilliant Pet 2 LLC